Doerr Auction & Realty, Inc. is the longest running consignment auction in Southern Illinois, regularly hosting auctions in Vergennes, IL since 1978.  Every Thursday, we have hundreds of people attend our Consignment Auction looking for that special item for their home or business.  Last year alone, we sold for over 900 consignors, from the local area as well as surrounding states.

For consignors, it is a convenient market for selling any number of items, from an entire estate or business to a single item. For buyers, our Consignment Auction provides a steady stream of merchandise for purchase. Whether they are looking to furnish an apartment for a college student or looking to complete a collection of Carnival glass or American Fostoria, they’re sure to find it here.

Consigner Tips:

Our consignment auction fulfills a need for people with smaller quantities of merchandise or for places where an on-site auction is not favorable.  With our consignment auctions, the seller controls how much is sold at a time and on what timeframe everything is sold.   The consignment center offers a Spring session March - June and Fall session September - November (closed the week of Thanksgiving).

Check out the Consignment Process below, and ask about the options we have available for having an online component for items at our Consignment Center.

Consignment Process:

Step 1- Contact Us
The first step in the process is to contact a representative from Doerr Auction & Realty, Inc.  The representative will determine if a consultation is needed and setup that appointment.  They can also answer any questions you may have about the consignment process. You can also attend one of our auctions to see our staff in action and to get any preliminary questions answered.

Step 2- Consultation or Drop Off
During the consultation, the auctioneer will meet you and gather a general overview of the items to be sold.  At this time, the auctioneer can suggest the specific type of auction that would be best for your unique situation.  If you are not able to deliver the items, we will make suitable arrangements to have the goods picked up.  At this time we will also provide details on upcoming sale dates and commission rates, and answer any additional questions you may have regarding consignment.

If a consultation is not requested by the auctioneer, items can be dropped off at our Auction Center during our regular business hours.

Our consignment schedule is posted under the Upcoming Auction page.  Auction dates with their respective drop off times for each sale are listed.  We are always looking for quality consignments to add to our next auction.  Please contact us at 618-684-6315 or if you have any questions.

Step 3- Transporting the Items
Doerr Auction and Realty, Inc. offers optional transportation services of the items to the Auction Center in Vergennes, IL.  Normally, a large box truck and two moving professionals will arrive at the location, box up any small items and then load the truck with all the items to be sold.

Step 4- Setting the Auction Center Showroom
When the items arrive at the Auction Center, they are unloaded and carefully set out on tables to be displayed before the auction.  Each item receives a number identifying the seller upon arrival.  Our Auction Center is equipped with heat, restrooms and a health department licensed food prep facility.  All items to be sold that week will be displayed and organized for the bidders to view before and during the auction.  The Auction Center opens two hours before each auction to allow ample time to view specific items, ask questions, and register to bid.

Step 5- Marketing
Once the items have been set out in the Auction Center, they are photographed for marketing purposes.  These photos are placed on several different websites to attract the attention of potential buyers.  Consignment auctions are also advertised in the local newspaper.  Doerr Auction & Realty, Inc. also has a thriving social media presence, engaging with thousands of individuals each week on Facebook, Twitter and several other sites.  You can be sure your items have been marketed to thousands of individuals in the area, urging them to attend the auction to purchase your items.  If an individual cannot attend the auction, Doerr Auction & Realty, Inc., offers phone bidding, absentee bidding, and occasionally online bidding (determined for each particular auction).

Step 6- Selling at the Auction
Each week, thousands of items are sold at our Auction Center.  Throughout the Auction Center, furniture will be set up, tables will be arranged nicely with quality items, and the outdoor showroom will be full of tools, lawn equipment, farm machinery, vehicles, and more!  Each item is auctioned off to the highest bidder, who then takes possession of the item. On average, well over 250 people attend each auction.

Step 7- Consignor Payout
Once the items have sold, invoices are printed for each consignor showing the price each item brought and what the commission charge was on each item.  Commission charges are per item and are included in the itemized invoice, which is mailed to consignors.  Checks and invoices are mailed to consignors 14 business days after the auction.

“When I closed my furniture store, Doerr Auctions helped me liquidate my remaining merchandise at their consignment auction. They did all the advertising for me, set up the furniture really nicely, and knew how to sell it to get the best price. After the auction, I got an itemized invoice explaining what each item sold for and how much I made. The process was really smooth and professional. I’ll definitely be bringing more stuff to sell!”

~ Justin Z